Carpet Cleaning Secrets and Tips

Carpets are known for their numerous benefits as flooring materials. However, day to day traffic and spills can take toll. It is crucial to learn some carpet cleaning tips. They include stain removal, deep cleaning and vacuuming. This will ensure your carpet lasts longer and appears better.

Carpets are known to provide warmth to a house through addition of texture, pattern and color. Continuous vacuuming helps get rid grit and dirt that can otherwise damage the fibers of the carpet. It is necessary to regularly clean your carpet after a period of 12-18 months. However, individuals living in high traffic areas should do so often. People with children, pets or a light colored carpet should clean the carpet about three times annually. Ensure you follow instructions from the manufacturer.

Personalized carpet cleaning systems.

One can choose to buy a cleaning system that is professionally designed for use at home especially is you have kids or pets. Home carpet cleaning equipment help save on money compared to hiring a professional to do the cleaning a few times annually. However, it is necessary to know that the unit may not have the same cleaning capabilities similar to models used by professionals.

Steps for carpet cleaning.

It is advisable to always offer protection to your sub-floor, carpet padding and furniture during carpet cleaning. Seek assistance from a friend to help in the removal of furniture away from the room where the cleaning is to take place. Vacuum the carpet thoroughly and use a rental cleaner if recommended by the manufacturer. You can also have it cleaned by a professional cleaner. When using the wet extraction method, ensure the carpet dries thoroughly for 24 hours. This is in order to prevent growth of mildew and mold in the padding or carpet. It also prevents damage of the underneath floor through moisture.

The dry extraction method.

Some home cleaning systems utilize the dry extraction method when carpet cleaning. The first step involves spreading an absorbent and dry compound on the carpet. You then vacuum it with a cleaning machine. Even though they work better compared to steam cleaners, chemicals and dry machines are costly compared to wet extractions and steamers.

The water extraction method.

Water extraction units also referred to as water steamers are common in majority of cleaning systems in homes. A solution is injected into the carpet pile and the dirt solution sucked back into the machine. In order to avoid tagging along with a hose pipe, choose a model that does not need a hook up of clean water. Additionally, choose a machine with the best power for ease of water extraction.

Choose professionals to clean your carpet as they have the best equipment and skills too.  We recommend carpet cleaning by ServiceMaster or Milwaukee.

Cute Display Photos For Kids

Want a really cute way to display photo of your kiddos and family, or place card holders? Here is a super simple idea. Last week at my church, we had a Fabulous Friday crafting night, and these awesome photo/place card holders are one project that we made. I’m currently using them to display photos, but when Thanksgiving or Christmas rolls around, I’m going to use them for place cards to seat our guests. Here’s how you make them…

Start by making sure all edges of each wood block are smooth. You may need to sand them. If your block does don’t have pre-drilled holes, you can drill them yourself, or hammer in a skinny nail to make a hole. Of course, you will need to remove the nail afterward.

Next, paint all sides of the wood block and let dry completely. Find the drilled hole and insert the metal photo holders. Push them in as far as they will go.
Then, apply the vinyl decals where you like them, and you’re all done!